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Greenpoint Technologies, Inc.

Mark Lutz
Senior Stress Engineer
Kirkland, WA

I enjoy your online technical seminars for Femap and NX Nastran. I always learn something from the material presented. The information is orderly and timely and the graphics are very good at illustrating the topic at hand. Very impressive. Thank you again for having such a great outreach, education, and support program.

Cotney Aerospace

William B. Cotney, Jr.
President; FAA DER, Cotney Aerospace, Inc.
Helena, Alabama

Our company has used FEA software for the past 5 years to model various aircraft components. With some initial training we started making use of Femap and NASTRAN. As we grew in our knowledge of the program, we took on larger FEA projects, some of which required more complex meshing, load input and joint modeling techniques.

Once we made the switch to Predictive Engineering and their NX.Nastran with FEMAP suite we quickly learned of the wealth of knowledge that George Laird and his staff had to offer. We had been hard at work on a 10 million Degree of Freedom FEA model of an F-15 pod structure that required use of solid meshing, complex joint modeling, complex loading, etc. George became a necessary contact in instructing us of the best ways to create and streamline our model. His understanding of hex meshes as well as rigid elements helped us to produce a much cleaner, more accurate mesh with fewer elements!

George has always been available to take the time necessary to help us through a modeling situation. His tutorial packet that includes PowerPoint slides and videos are immensely helpful in understanding how different mesh types function in NASTRAN so you can make the right choices for your FEM.

Predictive Engineering is the best place we've found to get your NASTRAN software. The customer support that George and his staff have provided us has far surpassed other companies in friendliness, response time and knowledge!

AP Dynamics Inc.

Dr. Mario Forcinito
Sr. Engineer, Stress and Structural Analysis
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

We have been using NASTRAN for the past 6 or 7 years, but it wasn't until we start working with Predictive Engineering that we really experience the benefits of quality customer service.

In those occasions in which we need to push the boundaries of the software, we always got first class advice from the experts, and we got it quick.

George and Jonah are always quick and quite able to suggest the right solution to our needs, not just the most expensive. This speaks volumes of their business model, which I see as a marvelous confluence of superb technical capability and high regard for their customer's best interest.

If your business is based on FEA software, be more productive, talk to George.

JCI Inc.

Ben Boyce
Mechanical Design Engineer
Eugene, OR 97405

JCI is a manufacturer of heavy equipment in the aggregate industry. JCI's core products are vibrating screens, cone rock crushers, and portable plants.

JCI recently made the transition from FEA by PTC Mechaninca to Nastran. Our major problem was identifying the natural frequency of vibrating screens before they were manufactured. Mechanica did not have the power to analyze a large model. We put our hopes that Nastran could get us there. In fact George guaranteed that we would.

For our training George had laid out a fantastic training format. We set up a conference room with all of our workstations. George loaded a CD with all of the class examples. Included with the Nastran examples we were provided a book with a brief synopsis of each example. The most novel part of the training was the AVI file included on the examples CD. This AVI could be played on an individual basis so each student could learn at their own pace. Basically George would get us started and then provide assistance to those who needed it. The other nice aspect of the AVI was the capability of backing up in the lecture and making sure you understood each section before you proceeded. Also the AVI's were ours to keep in case we need a refresher course or need to bring a new employee quickly up to speed.

Today JCI is using Nastran successfully on plant frames, crusher components and vibrating screens. When we have a question, George takes care of us. This has to be the best support knowledge and training I have ever seen for any software anywhere.

Wagstaff Engineering, Inc.

Todd Snyder
R&D Engineer
Spokane, WA 99216

George's FEA short course helped a handful of engineers at Wagstaff to quickly gain a working knowledge of FEA with Nastran. The course was concise and practical. Specifically, George incorporated several current design projects into the training. Not only were our designs improved, but this helped us understand how to apply the tools in our working environment. George recorded, or screen captured, the solution to several sample problems. Since the training, I have frequently referred to these visuals to refresh my memory. If you need a fun, quick, and practical education in FEA and Nastran, this course is for you. Since the training, we have continued to rely on George for technical support. In all instances, he has been prompt and effective in helping us set up our FEA models.

Columbia Helicopters

Ron Heberlein
Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Aurora, OR 97002

I want to thank you for the excellent Femap training class that you gave here at Columbia Helicopters. Halfway through the first day I knew that the class was well worth the money, and by the end of the third day I was positive that this was by far the best training class that I have ever taken. I feel much more confident using Femap after the class, and the tutorials that you provide with the class have been invaluable.

Thank you again, and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Key Technology, Inc.

Phil Hoffman, Mechanical Principal Engineer
Mechanical Systems Development

Dr. George Laird has been providing outstanding FEA analysis and support for our Nastran users at Key Technology, Inc for many years, so he was our obvious choice to help us solve a critical air flow problem using CFdesign software. Keeping the bottom camera windows clean on sorting machines, that we design and manufacture for the food processing industry, has always been a challenge, and is becoming increasing more critical with newer and higher performance viewing and scanning technologies. George brought his computers and CFdesign software to our site, and we spent several days working through about 10 geometry iterations to determine the optimum design for a new air shroud concept to protect the windows. The design was a delicate balance of a number of functional requirements that would be difficult to arrive at without a good analysis tool and Georges expertise and consultation. We built and tested a prototype shroud of this design and found that it not only matched perfectly with the final analysis model, but met or exceeded all of our design criteria. No further tweaking of the design was required, and George completed the overall task in approximately 1/3rd the estimated hours and cost. Solving this long standing problem will greatly benefit our company, and our customers.

Success is always great, and working with George is both fun and educational. I certainly look forward to the next opportunity to work with George.

STI Optronics, Inc.

David Taylor
Engineering Manager
Bellevue, WA 98004

George Laird, of Predictive Engineering, has provided outstanding technical assistance to our firm, STI Optronics, Inc. He has helped us with training, technical support, and structural analysis. He has exceptional knowledge of Femap, the product he supports. He is a patient teacher, knows many tips and tricks for increased productivity, and has tremendous technical knowledge on best practices for Finite Element Modeling. The structural analysis work he performed for us was thorough, well presented, and done ahead of schedule. We are extremely pleased with Georges performance and delighted that we get all that technical ability from a guy who is also fun to work with.

Coe Manufacturing Company

Jeff Yuh
Sr. Mechanical Engineer & Stress Analyst
7930 SW Hunziker road, Portland, OR 97223

The relationship between Predictive Engineering and me started from about 4 years ago when I was with Ross Corporation in Eugene, Oregon and continued to present.

Dr. George Laird has been our technical support for the visualNastran for Windows finite element software. Representing Nastran and Imaginit, he answers all the questions I have whenever I use Nastran to perform stress analysis. He was also the instructor of my Nastran/Femap training class, which brought me to the domain of the 3D analysis.

Georges technical support is different from others I have known. Not only he is very knowledgeable to Nastran and Femap, he is also a real life FEA engineer. He always tries to understand the analysis I am involved with and suggests a better approach to analyze the model. He is like a mentor and consultant I can rely upon. He is always available and response time is always quick and excellent.

I am really fortunate to have tech support from Predictive Engineering and I will continue to have George to support me in Nastran products.

Heath Tecna Aircraft Interiors

Matt Bristol
Lead Stress Engineer

Femap is a fast and robust tool allowing high-resolution modeling control and impressive post-analysis results processing. V10 features make it superior to those of competitive products and at half the cost.

Predictive Engineering experts are very knowledgeable about the products we've evaluated and used. They and the other staff provide consistently great support during product evaluation and after purchase.