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Femap Version 11

Femap for use with ADINA


Norton Motorcycle Crankase Analysis
Commercial Aircraft Landing Gear
Thermal Stress Analysis
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Femap (which stands for Finite Element Modeling and Processing) is an advanced engineering simulation software program from Siemens that creates finite element analysis (FEA) models of complex engineering products and systems, and displays solution results. Femap can virtually model components, assemblies or systems and determine the behavioral response for a given operating environment.

Engineers worldwide use Femap for modeling everything from simple solid components to entire spacecraft assemblies. This versatile preprocessor is also used throughout a broad range of engineering disciplines. From simple linear static analysis right through to advanced solutions based on LS-DYNA® from and ADINA from, Femap is the software of choice for real FEA made easy.

Using Femap's digital simulation capabilities you can:
• Predict and improve product performance and reliability
• Reduce time-consuming and costly physical prototyping and testing
• Evaluate different designs and materials
• Optimize your designs and reduce material usage


Finite Element Modeling - The full finite element model with underlying data is fully exposed by Femap, allowing you to view, create or modify entities directly.

Finite Element Meshing - Femap's 3D solid and surface meshers are tuned to generate high-quality meshes, providing well-shaped elements to ensure accurate results.

Assembly Modeling - Femap with NX Nastran supports assembly modeling, including automatic contact detection that determines the components initially in contact.

Beam Modeling - Besides solid and shell element models Femap also supports beam modeling and meshing.

Composite Modeling - The use of composite materials in designs has increased significantly in recent years, and Femap can help you model and postprocess results on composite structures.

Postprocessing - A wealth of visualization capabilities help you view and interpret the results to quickly understand the model behavior.

Scalable Simulation Solutions - The Velocity Series CAE products offer scalable solutions for design engineers in the form of the CAD-embedded Solid Edge Simulation program, and Femap with NX Nastran for CAE analysts.

CAD-Independent - Femap is CAD-independent and can access geometry data from all major CAD systems including CATIA, Pro/Engineer, NX, Solid Edge, SolidWorks and AutoCAD.

Customization - Femap's open customization capability allows complete access to all Femap functions through an OLE/COM object-oriented Application Programming Interface (API), which employs standard, non-proprietary programming languages.

Combining Femap with NX Nastran gives you two of the world’s most popular and powerful structural analysis programs as well as a very cost-effective, Windows-native CAE solution. Femap’s widely used pre- and post-processing capabilities seamlessly integrates with the well known and respected analysis solver capabilities of NX Nastran.

Femap with NX Nastran supports a broad range of capabilities such as linear and non-linear static, normal modes, Eigenvalue, transient/dynamic, frequency/harmonic response, response spectrum, random response and buckling. (There are also additional NX Nastran options available for aero- elasticity, super-elements, optimization and DMAP.)

With Femap and NX Nastran, your company can use this powerful combination to virtually simulate a complete range of product behavior before committing to product development plans, ultimately reducing prototypes and physical testing. Together, they provide a comprehensive range of detailed functionality for directly defining and controlling most aspects of modeling, simulation and subsequent post processing operations. This ensures higher product quality, lower development costs, decreased testing overheads, and reduced product development time.

Femap is an intuitive Windows®-native application. Femap's support of multiple graphics windows and specialized panes, such as the Model Info Tree and Data Table, allow complete access to the finite element model and results data and help promote efficient work flows. You can modify the appearance of the interface to suit your requirements, including repositioning panes, modifying the level of functionality exposed, and complete toolbar and icon customization.