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NX Nastran for Femap

NX Nastran

For more than 30 years, NX Nastran has been the finite element analysis solver of choice in almost every major industry, including aerospace/ defense, automotive, shipbuilding, heavy machinery, medical and consumer products. It is an industry standard for analysis of stress, vibration, structural failure/ durability, heat transfer, noise/acoustics and flutter/aeroelasticity.

Predictive Engineering sells and supports a version of NX Nastran called NX Nastran for Femap. This Windows-native, desktop analysis solution combines Femap pre-and post-processing with the well known and respected analysis capabilities of NX Nastran. With this bundled solution, you get two of the world's most popular and powerful structural analysis programs, seamlessly integrated for maximum performance and efficiency.

NX Nastran for Femap supports a broad range of NX Nastran capabilities, such as linear and non-linear static, normal modes, Eigenvalue, transient/dynamic, frequency/harmonic response, response spectrum, random response and buckling. In addition NX Nastran for Femap includes additional options for aeroelasticity, super-elements, optimization and DMAP.

Detailed and complete NX Nastran control
Using Femap, it is possible to directly define and control most aspects of the NX Nastran simulation. This includes: controlling the solution options (such as defining an iterative solution), param keyword settings, specific job controls (such as re-start controls, executive controls and manual controls with DMAP), case controls (load and constraint control), model checking (geomcheck controls, weight and ground checks), and detailed result generation controls.

In addition, a feature called VisQ provides users with advanced tools within Femap for job management tasks such as defining, scheduling and tracking NX Nastran simulations.

NX Nastran for Femap Structural Analysis Toolkit
The NX Nastran for Femap Structural Analysis Toolkit is an additional module that complements NX Nastran for Femap. It is able to process selected data from a Nastran binary results file and present the results in ASCII text, Microsoft Excel, Universal file and HTML format. Fully UI driven, it is able to process and calculate stress and margins of safety, element forces, grid point force and joints, modal analysis summaries, mass properties, random and harmonic base excitations. This functionality makes the NX Nastran for Femap Structural Analysis Toolkit particularly useful in organizing numerous, large-results data blocks into meaningful summaries, thereby saving valuable analysis time.

Femap Integration with NX Nastran
Femap has a 15-year history of working as a pre- and post- processor to Nastran. In addition to NX Nastran Femap is also able to support MSC.Nastran, UAI Nastran, CSA Nastran, and 5 other popular versions of Nastran. All of these solvers can be easily encapsulated within Femap while providing a high degree of solution controls to the user.

System Requirements Platform: Windows 2000/XP


  • Intel® / AMD®
  • 1.5 GHz 1 GB of RAM
  • 20 GB hard drive.