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LS-DYNA® from Livermore Software Technology Corp. (LTSC) is the world's most advanced general-purpose nonlinear finite element program. It is capable of simulating complex real-world problems, and is widely accepted as the premier analysis software package for today's most challenging engineering applications.

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If you would like to learn more about LS-DYNA, please take a look at this PDF: LS-DYNA The advanced simulation tool for nonlinear, linear, dynamic, static analysis and multi-physics (DEM, FSI, CFD, Electro-magnetics, SPH, Galerkin EFM & More)

LS-DYNA can predict how a prototype will respond to real-world events such as crashes, drops, earthquakes, bird strikes and more. The ability to simulate these events in software minimizes the time and expense that must be devoted to experimental testing.

The applications of LS-DYNA are numerous, from understanding automotive collision effects to predicting stresses and deformations in metal forming processes to bird strike and failure analysis in aerospace.

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A presentation made by Predictive Engineering on the ease of use of Femap and LS-DYNA.




LS-DYNA has been designed to tackle the most difficult engineering problems in the world. Leveraging the software is beneficial to your engineering team in terms of time, money and confidence:

  • Simulate complex crash and deformation engineering problems
  • Combine complementary simulation disciplines such as crash, structural analysis, occupant safety, NVH and others
  • Have confidence that your virtual models have a high degree of correlation to physical testing prototypes
  • Increase confidence in your final product design by virtually testing it under all conceivable loading conditions
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by providing long-lasting products that have survived the most extreme conditions imaginable

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Auto crashworthiness & occupant safety

  • Accurately predict behavior in an automotive collision. Includes specialized features for seatbelts, slip rings, pretensioners, retractors, sensors, accelerometers, airbags and Hybrid III dummy models.

Aerospace analysis

  • LS-DYNA is widely used by the aerospace industry to simulate bird strike, jet engine blade containment and structural failure.

Sheetmetal forming

  • Accurately predict stresses and deformations experienced by metal in processes such as stamping, hydroforming, forging and deep drawing. LS-DYNA supports adaptive remeshing and will refine the mesh during the analysis, as necessary, to increase accuracy and save time.

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Other applications

  • Drop testing
  • Can and shipping container design
  • Electronic component design
  • Glass forming
  • Plastics, mold and blow forming
  • Biomedical (heart valves)
  • Metal cutting
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Failure analysis
  • Sports equipment
  • Civil engineering

Supported Platforms

LS-DYNA is well optimized on all platforms including multiprocessor platforms (see table below). Its accuracy has been proven through extensive correlation with experimental data and, of course, analytical solutions. LS-DYNA is an invaluable tool for capturing extreme nonlinear events where other solvers have failed.


LS-DYNA runs on leading PCs, Unix workstations, supercomputers and MPP (massive parallel processing) machines.

Computer resource requirements vary depending on problem size. Simulations with more than 100,000 elements have been run using 15 million words of memory and 100 Mbytes of disk space. On super-computers, the code is highly vectorized and takes advantage of multiple processors.

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Hardware Requirements

Processor Operating System
AMD Opteron Linux
CRAY XD1 Linux
HP PA-8X00 HP-UX 11.11 and above
HP IA-64 HP-UX 11.22 and above
HP Opteron Linux CP4000/XC
IBM Power 4/5 AIX 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
INTEL IA32 Linux, Windows
INTEL IA64 Linux
INTEL Xeon Linux
Windows 64 bit
NEC SX6 Super-UX
SGI Mips IRIX 6.5 X
SGI IA64 SUSE 9 w/Propack 4
RedHat w/Propack 3
SUN Sparc 5.8 and above
SUN x86-64 5.8 and above

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