Unstoppable FEA Force Creates Blog

Our good friend Marsha Victory has run the publication FEA Information for over 17 years. It focuses on all aspects of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) technology, innovations and solutions with a spotlight on LS-DYNA. As well she's helped run the LS-DYNA Conference held every two years in Dearborn, Michigan.

She recently (mostly) retired and due to her unstoppable nature, she's set herself up with a blog. It covers a range of topics from her longtime work with horses, available demo licenses, and most importantly for our friends and colleagues, select not to miss FEA news items. Marsha is posting new items once a week (if not more... did we say she's unstoppable?) and has already come up with an impressive gallery of bullet solid meshing, platform drop testing and more. Please go pay her a visit at FEA Not To Miss!

30 Years of FEMAP

Siemens PLM put together a nice video showing the evolution of FEMAP over the last 30 years. It showcases some of the major projects that have been involved in FEMAP over the years.

Safe Design Analysis for Power Plant Gas Turbine Operation

CFD and FEA services is our core business and has been for more than 20 years. Recently we just completed a coupled computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) project on a water injection system (wet compression device) to an existing gas turbine. The energy physics of this turbocharger is to spray water droplets into the inlet of the compressor side of the turbine thereby increasing the density of the already 100% saturated air. This heavy air mixture is then combusted with increased gas flow, yielding a 10% boost in energy output from the turbine.

CFD Consulting Services - Safe Design Analysis for Power Plant Gas Turbine Operation


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