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Crash and Drop Simulation of Jet Engine Stand

It's nice to know that shipping fixtures have to meet stringent targets for crash, drop and static loading. It would be sort of scary to think of a 3200 kg jet engine breaking lose from its shipping fixture during a 9g crash event and slamming through the bulkhead of a jet liner and into the cockpit. Jet engine stands also have to handle abuse loading due to drops or smashing into walls at 2g loading. Finally, since the complete assembly is often transported over roads, its first natural freqencey needs to be above 10Hz. Historically, these requirements were met by testing and fixture weight was of secondary concern. As we all know, if something is flying, then extra weight is lost revenue. This FEA consulting project took the client's CAD geometry and idealized it down to FEA model that could quickly run implicitly and explicitly using LS-DYNA. The results correlated nicely with the experimental results and indicated that the stand was beautifully designed with little margin left on the table.


FEA of Jet Engine Transport Stand - LS-DYNA Nonlinear Consulting Services

Predictive Engineering Thermal-Stress Consulting Experience

This FEA consulting case study brings together various thermal-stress projects we have done over the last decade. If you don't want to see the written version, we have also created a YouTude video on our Thermal-Stress consulting projects that can be viewed here:

In the case study you'll find an onsite synopsis, a short summary video, and a PDF case study of the following thermal-stress projects that we have done using Femap, NX Nastran and LS-DYNA:

  1. Thermal-Stress Analysis of 500kW Generator
  2. Thermal-Deflection Analysis of Composite Fabrication Mandrel
  3. Thermal-Stress Analysis of Hydrogen Reactor
  4. Thermal-Stress Analysis of Potted DC-AC Invertor and other Electronic Devices
  5. ASME Thermal-Stress Analysis of Thick-Walled LOX and RP1 Propellant Tanks
  6. Thermal-Stress Effects within Thick Composite Laminate
  7. Thermal-Stress Analysis of Water Cooled Stoker Grate
  8. Overview of General Thermal-Stress Projects

Read the case study here.


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