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Introducing the LS-DYNA MPP Program Manager

Predictive Engineering is pleased to introduce our LS-DYNA MPP Windows Interface. We built this for our own LS-DYNA consulting project work and we realized others may enjoy it also. The program has been featured on TenLinks, a news distribution service for the CAD, CAM and CAE industry.

Please visit the LS-DYNA MPP Program Manager for Windows landing page for downloads and for more details.

Engineering Simulation of Friction Stir Welding

Most major aircraft manufacturers use friction-stir welding (FSW) to join aluminum parts. The trick is that the aluminum never reaches its melting point and hence prevents typical solidification defects found in fusion type welding.

One of our Predictive Engineering engineers worked to develop a simulation package that can model the weld process using smoothed particle hydrodynamics on the graphical processing unit (GPU). The simulation code allows the engineer to predict joint efficiency, cleanliness (minimal defects) as well as residual stresses and deformations. That quick simulation is a huge advantage for our FSW-using clients. See our simulation video below, or at https://youtu.be/knrbYckgmqg

Femap and NX Nastran - Foundation and Advanced training

Predictive Engineering and our partner Applied CAx are holding a training course April 20-24, 2015. This week-long course taught by Predictive Engineering will take the new user from ground floor through FEA best practices to advanced subjects dealing with manifold and non-manifold surface modeling, detailed plate meshing and tet versus hex meshing. Cost is $2450.

The optional final day on Friday, April 24th will finish with a focus on customization and automation using Excel and Femap’s own API interface for an additional $575.

The course will be fast paced and follow a workshop format with theory, practice and Q&A sessions.

Please follow this link to register online, or feel free to send an email to: [email protected], Attn: Adrian Jensen, PE

» Download the seminar informational brochure


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