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Upcoming PLM webinar for the simulation engineering community

This could be a good PLM webinar for the simulation engineering community. As PLM experts, our partners at Sherpa Design brought this to our attention and have recommended it. The webinar host, CIMData, is focused on the PLM market and provides multiple viewpoints into the PLM industry at large.

Their upcoming webinar will be on "Simulation Governance: Managing Simulation as a Strategic Capability." This topic could resonate with larger companies that have both engineering and analysis groups under the same roof.

February 11, 2016
11:00  EST | 08:00  PST | 17:00 CST

Discrete Element Method (DEM) article published in FEA Information Engineering Chinese Journal

FEA Information Engineering Chinese Journal (a Chinese journal organized by LS-DYNA) recently prepared a special issue focusing on Discrete Element Method (DEM) and Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH). Predictive Engineering’s Adrian Jensen and Kirk Fraser were honored to have their DEM paper translated and published in the journal! Thanks to Hailong Teng for translating the paper while maintaining the original authorship.

A copy of the issue can be downloaded here, and to subscribe to future additions, send an email with the subject line “Subscribe” to [email protected].

Formula 1 racing, CFD, and Wind Tunnels

HPC Wire has a great article on the rules for computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel testing in Formula 1 racing. It's surprising to learn the sports' governing body restricts CFD usage to 25 teraflops. Racing directors have complained about the restrictions, feeling it inhibits the use of the best techology and pushes things back by ten years.

Restrictions are in place for wind tunnel usage as well, and some have advocated for moving entirely toward CFD-only testing. However, an analysis by one team principal didn't find a huge cost savings in doing away with wind tunnels, and predicts the money would merely shift to the CFD. As well the racing community would have a hard time seeing the phasing out of wind tunnels, a long-preferred tool for racing teams.

As for the CFD controls, some have proposed shifting the rules from restricting teraflops toward controling energy bandwidth, giving teams more freedom over their computing setups.

Read the full article: "Formula One Contemplates CFD-Only Future"

And for another read on the topic:

"Is an F1 wind tunnel ban realistic? Technical chiefs remain sceptical of change"


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