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Predictive Engineering provides finite element analysis consulting services, software, training and support to a broad range of engineering companies across North America. We strive to exceed client expectations for accuracy, timeliness and knowledge transfer. Our process is both cost-effective and collaborative, ensuring all clients are reference clients.

Our mission is to be honest brokers of information in our consulting services and the software we represent.

Our History

Since 1995, Predictive Engineering has continually expanded its client base. Our clients include many large organizations and industry leaders such as SpaceX, Nike, General Electric, Navistar, FLIR Systems, Sierra Nevada Corp, Georgia-Pacific, Intel, Messier-Dowty and more. Over the years, Predictive Engineering has successfully completed more than 800 projects, and has set itself apart on its strong FEA, CFD and LS-DYNA consulting services.

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Our FEA, LS-DYNA, FEMAP and NX Nastran expert George Laird

George Laird, PhDGeorge Laird, Phd, PE, is Principal Mechanical Engineer for Applied CAx and Predictive Engineering. Author of over 40 publications on wear, fracture mechanics and finite element analysis, and the “Abrasion-Resistant Cast Iron Handbook.”

Dr. Laird has 16+ years of industrial LS-DYNA / FEMAP / CFD experience, with his doctorate in engineering mechanics (fracture and fatigue). His scientific research focused on structure property relationships for composite materials, ceramics and ferrous/non-ferrous materials.

Other FEA specialization include: seismic analysis of large vessels per ASCE 4-98 and ASME Section VIII, Div. 2 requirements, turbine burst containment, drop-test analysis, composite analysis (stress and thermal) and transient-dynamic stress analysis, elastic-plastic analysis of plastics, elastomers and foam materials and general analysis of a wide-range of consumer, automotive, aviation and medical products. His expertise in LS-DYNA has led to several publications and his short course “LS-DYNA Analysis for Structural Mechanics” is given every year.

His team of engineers at Predictive Engineering bring together expertise on materials, mechanics and a deep understanding of structures whether under fluid or thermal loading (CFD consulting services) or due to impact or crash (LS-DYNA consulting services) or general FEA for vibration, seismic or stress (FEA consulting services) to help their clients build better structures.




Clientele: Predictive Engineering works directly with a diverse client base spread across the United States and Canada. Our clients comprise critical industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Energy, Marine, Medical, Military & Defense, Rail and everyday Consumer Products. + Read our client testimonials



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