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Predictive Engineering provides FEA and CFD consulting services, software, training and support to a broad range of companies.

Who We Are

We are experienced simulation engineers that have successfully analyzed and validated hundreds and hundreds of finite element analysis (FEA) projects. With decades of experience in FEA and CFD, we know how to optimize your design to deliver every last bit of performance and to ensure that it will meet your service requirements whether in Aerospace, Marine, Energy, Automotive, Medical or in Consumer Products.

Our mission is to be honest brokers of information in our consulting services and the software we represent.

Our History

Since 1995, Predictive Engineering has continually expanded its client base. Our clients include the total spectrum from large Fortune 500 companies to start-ups looking to launch the next generation of satellites. We are also proud of work in the renewable energy fields from wind to solar. Over the years, one of our core strengths is in the vibration analysis of composite structures, aerospace electronic components and large industrial machinery. What has set us apart from the competition is our experience in the successful completion of more than 800 FEA, CFD and LS-DYNA projects.

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More About Us

Our FEA, LS-DYNA, FEMAP and NX Nastran expert George Laird

George Laird, PhDGeorge Laird, Phd, PE, is Principal Mechanical Engineer for Predictive Engineering and Applied CAx. Author of over 40 publications on wear, fracture mechanics and finite element analysis, and the “Abrasion-Resistant Cast Iron Handbook.”

Dr. Laird has 20+ years of industrial LS-DYNA / FEMAP / CFD experience, with his doctorate in engineering mechanics (fracture and fatigue). His scientific research focused on structure property relationships for composite materials, ceramics and ferrous/non-ferrous materials.

Other FEA specialization include: seismic analysis of large vessels per ASCE 4-98 and ASME Section VIII, Div. 2 requirements, turbine burst containment, drop-test analysis, composite analysis (stress and thermal) and transient-dynamic stress analysis, elastic-plastic analysis of plastics, elastomers and foam materials and general analysis of a wide-range of consumer, automotive, aviation and medical products. His expertise in LS-DYNA has led to several publications and his one-week LS-DYNA training course “LS-DYNA Analysis for Structural Mechanics” is given every year.

His team of engineers at Predictive Engineering bring together expertise on materials, mechanics and a deep understanding of structures whether under fluid or thermal loading (CFD consulting services) or due to impact or crash (LS-DYNA consulting services) or general FEA for vibration, seismic or stress (FEA consulting services) to help their clients build better structures.



Our FEMAP, API and NX Nastran expert Adrian Jensen

Adrian Jensen FEMAP API NX Nastran expertAdrian Jensen, PE, is Director of Engineering at Predictive Engineering and Senior Application Engineer for Applied CAx. With 10+ years of experience, Adrian specializes in all things FEMAP: geometry modeling, meshing, analysis, post processing and programming with the FEMAP API.

Adrian studied mechanical engineering at Oregon State University and puts his background to use at Predictive Engineering as a simulation engineer. His curriculum vitae includes stress, vibration, flow and heat transfer analysis for a variety of applications such as mining equipment, submersibles, electronics, gearboxes/transmissions, wind turbines, large facility HVAC, offshore structures and ASME pressure vessels.

With the experience gained and lessons learned in these real-world applications, Adrian leads the FEMAP and NX Nastran training and tech support team. Working in collaboration with George Laird, Adrian develops and presents training workshops, online seminars, video tutorials and productivity enhancing automation programs for FEMAP. If you call in for help with your FEA problems, you will most likely be talking to Adrian.




Our Multi-Physics, DEM, SPH and Parallel GPU programming expert Kirk Fraser

Kirk Fraser multi-physics expertKirk Fraser, P.Eng., is a Senior Staff Engineer at Predictive Engineering. He is our link to the great white north in Canada. His home town is in the rugged and beautiful Saguenay region, where he is a professional engineer in the province of Quebec.

Kirk has 10+ years of experience in industrial multi-physics simulation with LS-DYNA, FEMAP/NX Nastran, LIGGHTS as well as programming in C/C++ and Fortran. Kirk has worked in the oil and gas industry in western Canada where he successfully completed many vibration, fatigue and stress projects for companies like Shell, ConocoPhillips, ThyssenKrupp, Dresser Rand, Ariel, Enerflex and Toromont to name a few. As life often goes, he followed love to the province of Quebec where he has worked as a consulting simulation engineer specialist for mining and aluminum production companies like Iron Ore Company, Cliffs Natural Resources, Niobec, Rio Tinto and others.

Kirk is currently completing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi. His research work is focused on simulating solid state industrial processes such as friction stir welding, forging and high speed cutting among others. He has developed a fully coupled thermo-mechanical large plastic deformation code using SPH. The code is parallelized on the graphics processing unit, making it over 25x faster than other commercial SPH codes for solid mechanics. Kirk’s research work and publications are available on ResearchGate.

Kirk is driven in his engineering work by a desire to provide efficient and elegant solutions to difficult engineering problems. Through his years of experience, he has learned that there are many ways to tackle a problem, but the best approach is the one that not only solves the client’s objectives, but also gives the client a better understanding of their engineering system.




Our NX CAE, FEMAP, API and NX Nastran Expert Nathan Anderson

Nathan AndersonNathan Anderson, PE, is a Staff Engineer at Predictive Engineering with 8 years of experience. Starting his engineering career as a design engineer for a large equipment manufacturer, he quickly gravitated toward simulation and analysis to solve his engineering challenges. After a couple years as a design engineer he joined our team and made the switch to a simulation engineer.

With his background in industrial equipment, he specializes in stress, vibration and fatigue analysis, as well as design optimization, of large welded structures and industrial equipment such as forestry equipment, logging equipment, lifting hoists, electronics, pressure vessels and off-highway machines.

Nathan is our NX CAE expert, if you call in needing help with NX Advanced Simulation, you will most likely speak with him. He also dabbles in programming, using code to improve productivity whenever possible. With either the FEMAP API or the .net framework he can help you develop custom automation of FEMAP or NX CAE or even help you develop a standalone application.




Our Staff Mechanical Engineer Brian Kolb

Brian KolbBrian Kolb EIT, is a Staff Engineer at Predictive Engineering. Brian obtained his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University. After gaining much work experience, he returned to school at Portland State University and obtained his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering focusing on Failure Analysis, Material Science, FEA, and design. Brian has quickly adapted to Predictive Engineering’s FEA environment utilizing FEMAP, NX Nastran, and LS-DYNA and looks forward to expanding his knowledge of client projects.

Brian began his career as a consulting mechanical engineer for four years. As a Consulting Mechanical Engineer he gained exposure to a multitude of skills while working with engineers from many different disciplines to help struggling projects make it to market under budget and meet their design criteria. He has experience in project management, instrumentation, product testing, mechanical testing, failure analysis, non-destructive inspection and testing, and fabrication. His specialty and main focus is performing FEA analysis.




Our Thermal Analysis and CFD expert Clay Hearn

Clay HearnClay Hearn, Phd, is Staff Mechanical Engineer at Predictive Engineering with over 15 years experience. Clay gained his initial experience at the the Center for Electromechanics (CEM), a self-funded research organization at the University of Texas at Austin. CEM specializes in applications of pulse power, energy storage, and advanced transportation technologies, and as research engineer, Clay worked on a wide variety of programs. Project highlights from this time include free piston linear compressors, fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles, composite flywheel energy storage, and magnetic bearings.

Prior to joining Predictive Engineering, Clay was Senior Mechanical Engineer for Meggitt - OECO in Milwaukie, OR. OECO provides power generation and power conversion products for aerospace applications. As senior mechanical engineer he was involved in thermal management design and vibration analysis of advanced power conversion products.

In conjunction with his time at CEM, Clay earned his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. His skills include expertise in structural and thermal FEA utilizing ABAQUS, PATRAN, SolidWorks Simulation, COSMOS/M, as well as CFD analysis utilizing SolidWorks Flow Simulation. Clay looks forward to exploring the capabilities of STAR-CCM+, FEMAP and LS-DYNA.




Clientele: Predictive Engineering works directly with a diverse client base spread across the United States and Canada. Our clients comprise critical industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Energy, Marine, Medical, Military & Defense, Rail and everyday Consumer Products. + Read our client testimonials



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