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Predictive Engineering is a finite element analysis consultancy based in Portland, Oregon with over 15 years of LS-DYNA consulting experience. We have leveraged this experience to provide a unique LS-DYNA training class that is focused on the mechanical analysis of highly nonlinear systems (e.g., impact analysis,  burst containment, drop test, bird-strike, progressive failure of composites, high-deformation analysis of polymers and foams or fluid-structure interaction using DEM / SPH / CFD).


LS-DYNA Analysis for Structural Mechanics
Explicit, Nonlinear, Large Deformation Analysis for Structural Mechanics


  • Duration: 5 days
  • When: May 18 - 22, 2020
  • Where: Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Training venue: TBD.
  • Cost: $3250
  • To register, please email
    [email protected], ATTN: George Laird, PhD, PE
    call 503-962-0287, or click here

This week-long course is directed toward the engineering professional simulating highly nonlinear, transient dynamic problems involving large deformations and contact between multiple bodies. Our goal is to provide a realistic foundation toward the practical usage of LS-DYNA as we have used it on hundreds of simulation projects.

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The course is fast paced and follows the scientifically proven method that flows from theory to usage to workshops. All workshops are provided in video format for later review by the students. Extensive LS-DYNA reference materials will also be provided for independent learning.

What’s Included: Course training manual, notes and workshop video files will be provided on a flash drive for post-class refresher training. At least one lunch and one social event are provided to encourage class interaction with fellow users. Course provides certification of 40 hours of professional continuing education credits.

Cost: $3250/user (five days).

Registration: Early registration is encouraged since space is limited and it is expected that the class will fill. Class hours are 8am-5pm Mon-Thurs with Friday 7am-2pm.

Computer: All students should bring and configure their own laptops since a 10,000 element LS-DYNA license is provided to provide continuity of learning after the class. We do have limited availability of rental laptops for students, please inquire if needed.

Course Materials: All course materials will be available on USB stick.

Location and training venue: Training will be centrally located in Portland, Oregon. Our training venue is TBD.

What's Covered:

  • Day 1 - Theoretical Foundation
  • Day 2 - LSPP & Material Modeling
  • Day 3 - Contact & Load Initialization
  • Day 4 - Drop Test, Damping & Bird Strike (SPH)
  • Day 5 - Implicit Analysis: Linear to Nonlinear to Vibration
Like to see an example of our training materials? Please view our introductory video, "LS-DYNA Analysis for Structural Mechanics: Workshop I Getting Started"

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Given the depth and complexity of LS-DYNA® software, learning how to use LS-DYNA to create simulations that run quickly and generate accurate results is far from simple. Our experience is based on our consulting experience (see LS-DYNA consulting projects) and our attendance at all levels of LSTC sponsored classes, including Introduction, Advanced, Implicit, Blast, Materials Modeling, ALE, etc. As well we have sponsored and presented research at LSTC Conferences, giving us a unique perspective on how to train other engineers on LS-DYNA.

The foundation of our LS-DYNA training is to provide a hands-on, practical experience for the student that is faced with the challenge of building LS-DYNA models in a commerical environment where time is of the essence and validation is your paycheck. The class covers just enough theory to allow the student to debug and defend their simulations to management and reviewers but not to overwhelm. Class workshops are designed to illuminate important theoretical concepts and also to be applicable to real-world engineering applications. We have spent far more time than we like to admit refining the workshops, such that the student can leverage them going forward with their own simulation projects. If you have time, we would suggest taking a look at a sample of our workshop videos available on YouTube.

Predictive Engineering LS-DYNA Training - LS-DYNA Analysis for Structural Mechanics - Short Course Class PhotographOne of the treasures of our class is an extensive set of Class Reference Notes. This noteset is something we use internally within Predictive Engineering and contains condensed reference material, from element formulation to DEM / SPH usage to recommended practices for implicit analysis. Our intent with this LS-DYNA training class is to provide a high-quality learning experience via a combination of theory, workshops and Q&A during the class, but also to provide the tools such that the student can continue learning at their own pace.

Although the class uses Femap from Siemens PLM Software for some basic modeling setup, the class is geared toward the construction of efficient and accurate LS-DYNA simulations and the pre-processing part of the class is merely about the importance of creating meshes of high-element quality. During the class, we provide detailed instruction on the use of LSTC's LS-PrePost since it is our favorite tool for final processing of the LS-DYNA Keyword decks and the post-processing of LS-DYNA results 

If this class interests you, please read more down below and we would recommend that you download the class notes to get an idea of how we teach.


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LS-DYNA: Customized Group Training

In addition to our standard LS-DYNA training courses, we offer customized training to meet your company's specific needs at a location that is convenient for you.

Does your team need to ramp up its LS-DYNA knowledge? Speak with our engineers to develop a tailor-made program for your organization.







Work with our engineers to customize a course to meet the specific LS-DYNA training needs of your team.


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LS-DYNA: Training Notebook: Analysis for Structural Mechanics

For those unable to attend training in person, we offer the option to purchase class notes from our popular workshops.

These detailed class notes include more than 100 pages of information on topics that are covered in our workshop session. In addition, each set of class notes includes a 45 minute web meeting with an experienced mechanical engineer who will provide follow-up coaching and training with respect to the class material. The cost of each package is $675.







Students attending the workshop in person receive a complimentary set of notes.

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