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Electronics Cooling Using Conduction Convection Radiation from Heat Sinks to Heat Pipes

Electronics Cooling of Complex Chip Assembly via Forced Convection and PCB Conduction




Electronics cooling can be as simple as setting up a fan curve and blowing air across a set of chips or as complex as the simulation of the copper traces within the PCB with localized heat pipes to draw heat away from high-power chips. Over the years, Predictive has analyzed a fascinating array of electronics system using CFD and hand-calculations (least we not get too confident in numerical methods). 

Why Work with Us?

We look at our experience as the ability to give our clients not only the right solution but novel and cost-effective solutions to their electronics cooling challenges whether from packaging requirements, vibration and shock specifications that may limit the use of large heat sinks or just the need to have a quiet thermal solution without a noisy fan.

Our validated CFD consulting in electronics cooling covers:

  • Chip level thermal solutions from die, package (interconnect) to PCB
  • PCB thermal cooling using heat sinks, heat pipes, copper vias integrated into the PCB
  • Fan selection with airflow optimization or natural convection through the placement of vents or placement of hot components
  • PDB and Substrate thermal design
  • Joule heating with forced convective cooling and radiation
  • Enclosure thermal design

What makes the difference?

Our experience is based on working directly with our clients’ engineering teams; our CFD consultants are not only experienced in thermal-fluids but in general mechanical design for stress and vibration. We have done the simulations and validated our models working hand-in-hand with our clients. This collaboration allows us to suggest cost saving solutions upfront in the process and to ensure that they will work based on our hands on experience in the field. That is to say, we are not just CFD simulation engineers but also generalists with field experience in verifying and validating our simulations against reality. This is our competitive edge – knowing the difference between CFD cartoons and CFD reality.

CFD Consulting Case Studies in Electronic Cooling

The field of CFD electronics cooling is huge and this section just represents a few highlights of work that we have done. If you have any questions, please contact us and we would be happy to share our experience or provide a quotation.

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