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Basics of Composite Analysis for Engineers

At our Seattle FEMAP Symposium, George Laird from Predictive Engineering presented a brief on "Basics of Composite Analysis for Engineers."

It focuses on the underlying basis of how composites function, and shows how this ties to simple and verifiable simulation models that can be easily validated for common engineering applications. The idea is to provide a roadmap on how one can idealized a structure into a composite model and have confidence that the final FEA results will validate. We view this as a multi-step process, that with a little bit of thinking will save a lot of hard work. Starting with some basics we’ll carry an example analysis forward toward final validation.

As George puts in the intro: “Once you remove a bit of the fear, uncertainty and doubt about composite simulation, building accurate first order FEM’s is pretty basic.”

We're included a link to George's presentation, as well as video of a related simulation showing decompression of composite container.

DOWNLOAD PDF: "Basics of Composite Analysis for Engineers"

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