CFD Modeling from Electronic Cooling to Bag House Flow to Water Treatment Basin

Thermal-Fluids or computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consulting services has been part of our practice for over 20 years with a few of our success stories provide in our CFD Case Studies section. One of our strengths is that we do a wide range of CFD projects on a month-to-month basis – it has its pros and cons. The pros are that we can cross-pollinate between projects and bring new perspectives to a client’s CFD project whereas the cons are that we are not deep experts in super-sonic flow over wings or the combustion kinetics of gases. What we like to say is that we cover 90% of the CFD marketplace with a keen understanding of the strengths and limitations of thermal-fluid modeling.

In the last couple of months we have finished projects that dealt with thermal regulation of high-density electronics packaging for device burn-in and then switched gears to the study of air flow in a large industrial baghouse. In the first project, the goal was to obtain an even temperature gradient across the devices while in the second project it was to avoid entrapment of dust particles in low-velocity or recirculating regions. Both projects had a common theme: the keen understanding of air flow through constricted passages.

The last project was for a water treatment facility where excess turbidity was noted in the outflow of the basin and the CFD study focused on obtaining near laminar flow through a large water basin and then up through a multi-layered filtration system to trap the flocculent. It was interesting work with a null result. Essentially, it wasn’t a flow problem but an upstream chemical mixing issue.

We would welcome your inquiry about how we might assist your company with any type of thermal-fluids challenge.

CFD Consulting Services - Electronics Cooling of high-density electronic packaging for thermal burn in

Figure 1: Thermal-fluids study of high-density electronics packaging for burn-in testing

CFD Consulting Services - Flow investigation through bag house for particle entrapment

Figure 2: CFD flow study through bag house to determined dust entrapment


CFD Consulting Services - Laminar Flow Study through water treatment basin

Figure 3: CFD consulting service to optimize laminar flow in water treatment basin



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