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Doing a bit of Research on Brazing of Ceramics to Metals

I was doing a bit of online research on the FEA modeling of the brazing process. We have a client making high-tech ceramic to metal fixtures. The ceramic is joined to the metal substrate via a brazing process. Upon cooling to room temperature and depending upon the geometry and material selection, residual stresses can develop to the point of causing failure of the components. It is tricky and we have embarked on a modeling project to quantify the mechanical response of these fixtures. Well, back to the story line. During this search I stumbled across this old paper that I had co-authored with a client. The paper is titled "CFD Analysis of Automatic Test Equipment." It was a trek down memory lane to see these old CFD models and realize that we have been doing CFD consulting services for more than 20+ years. It was some sweet work on large test equipment that was cooled using both water and air loops. The paper shows how we used CFD global (machine) to local modeling (board-level) to arrive at accurately predicting chip junction temperatures. Looking back, yes the models were crude and the graphics a bit funky but what can we say - it was 2002 and it worked!

If you would like to read the paper, go ahead and click here