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Implications of Siemens PLM Software's acquisition of CD-adapco

On Monday Jan. 26, 2016, German engineering company Siemens acquired U.S.-based CFD simulation software developer CD-adapco. This is a big coup for Siemens, since CD-adapco (Computational Dynamics-Analysis & Design Application Company Ltd) was the largest, privately owned CFD company in the world. We spoke with Predictive Engineering’s George Laird on the possible implications for the CFD services and consulting landscape.

Bjorn: Let’s jump in – will this change anything?

George: CD-adapco and more specifically Star CCM+ (computational continuum mechanics) has been the CFD metric against which other CFD codes are often measured. Having this code as part of the Siemens PLM Software family will allow us to have direct access for consulting service and sales.

Bjorn: Is there a downside for David getting swallowed by Goliath?

George: I’m a realist and I’m sure there is a bit of a downside, but the upside is that CD-adapco was a bit isolated as a niche CFD stand-alone company. By being part of Siemens PLM Software, they will have access to immense resources and a very professional worldwide technical support and sales infrastructure. For us, with our relationship with Applied CAx (a Siemens PLM Software reseller), we will have direct access to Star CCM+ and are very excited to start using it.

Bjorn: Okay – but what does it mean for the CFD analyst?

George: In today’s engineering environment, most companies want their engineers to be multi-disciplined and multi-tasked. Having a broader base of CFD resources (Siemens and Predictive) will allow companies to more easily leverage their CFD investment.

Bjorn: Could you boil this down a bit and cut out the jargon?

George: Basically when your engineer is getting killed by 60 hour weeks and starting to hate the CFD world, one will find a much larger base of engineering resources using Star CCM+ through Siemens and Predictive Engineering.

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