See Analysis Data's True Colors

See Analysis Data's True Colors Image

This article printed in Desktop Engineering's March 2011 edition is helpful when it's time to convince your engineering lead to trust your finite element stress data results. The paper explains why you don't always get what you want—and how to get what you need when analyzing data's true colors.

Introduction: Whenever you see a stress contour plot, just assume that it is wrong,” says Mark Sherman, head of the Femap Development Team for Siemens PLM Software Solutions. Although Sherman’s comment sounds a bit dramatic, it’s par for the course in computer modeling, where a common saying is “garbage in, gospel out (GIGO).”

White Paper Outline: How Stresses are Calculated in FEA, De-Bugging Jagged Stress Contours, Judging Good and Bad FE Shapes, Saint-Venant’s Principle of Decreasing Load Effects, Interpreting Stress Results and Visualizing Beyond FEA

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See Analysis Data's True Colors Image

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