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Top 10+ Reasons to Choose LS-DYNA

Our good friends at ANSYS-LST, makers of LS-DYNA, put this list together to present to their customers. We decided we liked it so much, we'd share it as well.

1. Over 85% of Automotive companies worldwide are using LS-DYNA (and increasing with the recent switch of BMW to ANSYS LS-DYNA in 2020).

2. Suppliers to Automotive companies also use LS-DYNA.

  • Example -  airbag and restraint companies use LS-DYNA
  • Each of these companies are developing new technologies.
  • These developments are often required to be included in crash models.
  • These new methods/developments are implemented in LS-DYNA.
  • LSTC and its distributors, at no additional fees, offer these methods/developments to be licensed to LS-DYNA global users/customers

3. Dummy models used in crash simulations, that are developed by dummy manufacturers, are generally developed for LS-DYNA.

  • This is due to the fact that their largest customer base is using LS-DYNA
  • The benefit of this large user base is that it allows for accurate and robust dummy models.
  • Accurate and robust dummy models are what the car companies require, it is imperative to car companies technical safety production.

4. Human body models that are developed for commercial use were first developed in LS-DYNA.

  • Thereafter, it was developed for other software codes.
  • This gives LS-DYNA customers a greater advantage for accuracy.
  • By being chosen, as the first code, and finding it was successful, LS-DYNA has the advantage of maturity in the industry.
  • This is a big advantage to potential LS-DYNA customers, because they can use mature LS-DYNA models. Others models simply are not as accurate or not available in some competing codes.

5. Today's vehicles make a very extensive use of advanced airbag and seatbelt restraint systems. 

  • LS-DYNA airbag and restraint modeling capabilities have been developed to meet requirements of new technologies by a very large customer base.
  • LSTC makes airbag and restraint modeling capabilities available to potential LS-DYNA customers.

6. LSTC provides, at no additional fees, the LSTC Dummies and Barrier models to all licensed LS-DYNA customers.

  • The LSTC Dummy and Barrier Models  are developed with close collaboration with our customers.
  • These dummy and barrier models get updated continuously. All updates are announced to the LS-DYNA users.

7.  LSTC provides, at no additional fees, LS-OPT and LS-Tasc  to all licensed LS-DYNA customers.

  • These are very tightly integrated with LS-DYNA and enable users to develop their products using optimization technology to aid rapid product development.

8. Unlike competing products to LS-DYNA, includes all solvers in one code.

  • Individual solvers within LS-DYNA have now gained maturity that allows LSTC development to now focus on providing multi-physics capability that enable customers to solve tightly coupled problems in one code.

9. Solvers available to customer in one code (Explicit, Implicit, Thermal, ALE, Electromagnetics, ICFD, etc)

  • This reduces customers  cost by solving problems using one model in one code.
  • Other codes require user expertise in using various codes to solve these problems separately using different codes.

10. LS-DYNA is a tool of choice for almost all research organizations world wide.

  • This generates new technologies to meet the demands of the future. Upon maturity, LSTC implements these new methods to make them available for commercial use, at no extra fees to the customer.

11. Due to a larger LS-DYNA user base world wide, it is relatively easy to find well-trained engineers with LS-DYNA experience, as compared to competing codes.

12. Due to the reasons and advantages mentioned above, a number of companies have chosen LS-DYNA over other codes and have migrated to LS-DYNA with high level of success. 

  • Within the coming months there are additional migrations taking place in the US, EU and Asia Pacific.

13. Major car companies and aerospace industry, as well as manufacturing, suppliers, consultants and universities have always used, or have moved, or are moving toward LS-DYNA for the above mentioned reasons.