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LS-DYNA Class News – Why Live Classes are the Best
As we all know, life during the pandemic has required some sacrifices, for example the switch from in-person to on-line classes. Over the last 18 months, we have given three on-line LS-DYNA classes, with the last one finishing up on Oct 21st.
Forensic Engineering Analysis - The Legal, The Mechanics and The Reality

Some of our more challenging work has been to create accurate simulations of systems that have gone bad or have broken in service and where the objective is

CFD Virtual Prototyping Clean Air and Free of Nasty Stuff

It seems that the decade of 2020 is going to be focused on clean air, whether it is on the street or inside of a building.  Given what we know about how viru

Fatigue Analysis: ASME Section VIII, Division 2, Part 5.5 Protection Against Failure from Cyclic Loading

Even with an academic and experimental background in fatigue analysis, it is daunting to provide a hard, no-nonsense life-cycle prediction.  It becomes espec

NASA 5020A Requirements for Threaded Fastening Systems in Spaceflight Hardware

Over the years, we have done a number of satellite analysis projects for commercial and those other government agencies.  Looking back, I’m sort of surprised

XFEM - Galactic Extended FEM - Coming to a Screen Near You

Extended finite element method (XFEM) was developed by the late, great Dr.

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